The Racing Green AAA UK Fake IWC Big Pilot’s Watches 43

For almost 20 years, the name Big Pilot at IWC meant one thing: a 46mm, oversized, almost provocative Swiss made replica watches inspired by 1940s B-Uhr, powered by a massive automatic movement with a 7-day power reserve and a dial so large that you could use the watch as a nightstand clock… And it also meant a display with a power reserve indicator and date. But things changed in 2021 with the launch of the high quality fake IWC Big Pilot 43 watches. It was smaller, sleeker, less complex mechanically and more mainstream. This not-so-big Big Pilot is now available with a striking racing green dial, and we take a closer look at it now in our latest video review. 

If the real Big Pilot, the oversized 46mm cheap UK replica watches, is still IWC’s flagship pilot watch, the recent introduction of the BP 43 somewhat redistributed the cards. This slightly more compact, more straightforward and focused version is fast becoming the cornerstone of the collection, with many variations around the concept. This launch raised a few questions, mainly about the “Big Pilot” name. Is the BP 43 really a Big Pilot, or is it more of a beefed-up Mark series? One thing is for sure, the classic 46mm model has become the perfect copy watches for hardcore fans, and this 43mm watch is made for a wider audience, which doesn’t make it a bad watch at all. But this is the kind of discussion the top replica watches community loves to bring to the table.

Today, we’re looking at the very latest edition of this large 1:1 super clone watches for sale, with its dark “racing green” dial.

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